between the slices (part one): what kind of sandwiches do writers love?

"Too few people really understand a good sandwich." ~ James Beard

Well of course.

If you ask a bunch of writers what their favorite sandwiches are, they’re not going to be satisfied with simple answers like "ham and cheese" or "tomato."
No, they will pause a moment, conjure up a recent reubenesque rendezvous, then proceed to give you all the living, breathing details. Writers thrive on sensuality. It’s in the genes like genoa salami. And there are always conditions, little things that spell the difference between ho-hum and heavenly. Writers are, if nothing else, specific

When I took "orders" for sandwiches last week, I was reminded of the restaurant scenes in "When Harry Met Sally." Reading everyone’s preferences was a delicious meal in itself — types of bread, cheeses, meats, veggies, spreads and condiments had me salivating all afternoon and craving a good dilly dally with a dagwood. 

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your favorite sandwich, please!

August is National Sandwich Month, and I’m dying to know if there is any one particular kind of sandwich writers, poets, illustrators, and/or book bloggers prefer.

Please share your faves in the comments, and I’ll post the results next week. I want a list as big as this dagwood ☺.

Thanks! ♥

let’s go to the farmer’s market!

"We are stardust. We are golden. We are caught in the devil’s bargain. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden." ~ from "Woodstock," by Joni Mitchell.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a groovy weekend and treated yourself to a little 60’s music to celebrate Woodstock. Today we move from Max Yasgur’s farm to the farmers’ market (how’s that for a cool segue?).

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look who’s here: charlotte, joan, and melissa!

CHARLOTTE IN LONDON by Joan MacPhail Knight,
pictures by Melissa Sweet (Chronicle, 2008). Ages 8+, 64 pp.

It’s August, the perfect time for some armchair traveling! Are you in the mood for a little cherry clafoutis, raspberry fool, and vegetable soup?

Earlier this year, while I was preparing for my interview with Caldecott Silver Medal winner Melissa Sweet, I noticed that she’s the illustrator for Joan MacPhail Knight’s Charlotte series. I had never seen any of these totally captivating, impeccably designed books before, and it was love love love at first sight!

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friday feast: tickle your pickle with arlo

 from dadadreams’ photostream.

So, the big question for today is: sweet or dill?

Did you know that July is National Pickle Month? What would you do without me to tell you these things? Thought I’d better slip in a sweet gherkin while I still have a few more hours to celebrate. I do like bread and butter pickles, too — but for me the ultimate pickle experience has to do with motorcycles and Arlo Guthrie. I am indebted to him for many meaningful meditations on pickles, tickles, and the distinctive sound of  Harley engines. Beautiful!

photo by DAJanzen.

I’ve had the unrivaled pleasure of seeing Arlo perform a couple of times. What a storyteller — how can anyone not love him? I’ll never forget what he said about growing up as one of Woody’s offsprings. Every evening, when the family sat down to supper, they’d go around the table and each person would say what he/she did that day to make the world a better place. Is that not the best way to raise kind, socially conscious human beings? Instead of, “what am I getting out of this,” we should be asking, “what can I do to help?”

Rolling Thunder, Washington, D.C., photo by Hiranka.

For now, kick back, rev up your engines, and enjoy a little Arlo. First video is from a 1975 benefit festival for the Worthington Clinic. Second one was recorded earlier this year in Melbourne, Florida, and features a funny, real-life motorcyle story. Full lyrics for “The Motorcycle Song,” can be found here.

Sylvia Vardell is hosting the Roundup today at Poetry for Children.

Just in case you’re feeling ambitious this weekend:

from My Fiddlestix’s photostream.

This just in: Did you know Arlo joined the Republican party several years ago? Find out why in his provocative, insightful post, “2 Cups of Coffee, or My 2 Cents.”

P.S. Are you ticklish? ☺ Coast into the weekend with this!