friday feast: julie larios spices things up!

#6 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2010.

 photo by ClixYou.

Hola! Como estas?

What a treat we have today! With her highly evocative poem, Julie Larios is taking us to the colorful, bustling Market in Tepoztlan, Mexico, truly a place to stimulate the senses and get those creative juices flowing.

Mexican cuisine is characterized by such a wide variety of flavors, colors and textures. And it all begins at the market. What fresh fruits and vegetables are in season? Will you be seduced by a papaya, or fall in love with a beautiful tomato? Don’t forget the spices — stock up on chili powder, cilantro, cumin, and cinnamon. Of course you will get some chocolate! Feast on the possibilities, take something home, then create something wonderful in your own kitchen.

photo by Hermann C.


Black avocados, yellow mangos,
bowls of menudo to start the day.
Tall, cold glass of fresh horchata,
green papayas, pink mamey,
pork pozole, pumpkin seeds,
chiltepines, round and red,
coconut juice and gold guayavas,
then the different names for bread:
little shell and little piglet,
little ear and little horn,
now a cup of spiced hot chocolate,
sweet tamal with cream and corn,
pineapple popsicles, sugar cane,
guava jelly, caramel flan,
herbal tisanes, magic powders:
Market Day in Tepoztlan.

© 2010 Julie Larios. All rights reserved.

photo by _flix.

Julie tells me she is working on a new poetry collection about street food. Naturally, she is partaking of some highly delectable “research” of the lip-smacking kind: “simple, traditional, inexpensive food-cart food” from all over the world. Are you in the mood for Mexican tortas (sandwiches made with chipotle sauce)?

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