take the comment challenge!


What: Kidlitosphere Comment Challenge, organized by MotherReader and Lee Wind

When: November 6 – 26, 2008

Who: Open to all

Why: Build a stronger kidlit community by offering support to fellow bloggers, help increase your own blog readership, foster new connections, and pretty much just spread good feelings all around!

How: Post a minimum of 5 blog comments per day for three weeks. Check in with Lee or Pam on Wednesdays to report your progress. Final check-in on Wednesday, November 26th.

Prize Package will be awarded! All those reaching the
100-comment mark will be entered into a drawing to win some cool swag!

Hope you’ll take this opportunity to spread the love. Begin by encouraging NaNoWriMo participants, read the awesome Blog the Vote posts, seek out new blogs (my main goal), or reach out to friends who weren’t happy about the outcome of the elections. So, get out there and comment. Make someone’s day!

Full details about the challenge here.

15 thoughts on “take the comment challenge!

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Jama. I have to admit that I’m lazy about checked other kidlitosphere blogs outside of LJ, and this is a good prompt to do so.


  2. Challenge
    Elaine M.
    I haven’t done much kidlit blogging lately–little posting, blog reading, or commenting. I was consumed by the presidential campaign, watching news programs, and reading political blogs. I also haven’t been writing any children’s poetry lately–just political poems. It’s time my life got back to normal.


  3. Re: Challenge
    I know what you mean, but it’s pretty hard to do — since we’ll never be the same again as a result of this election. I’ve watched so much CNN that I’ve developed a crush on Anderson Cooper :)!


  4. I decided to visit the blogs of some people who commented on MotherReader’s site. I love the idea of this challenge because I’ve often wondered how people stumble across a blog. I’m glad to have found yours~


  5. Hi Sherrie!
    Nice to meet you. Yay, another writer! I visited Solvang a long time ago as a child and loved it.
    This challenge is a great way to find new blogs — there are so many out there. Always good to touch bases with another LJer too :)!


  6. When my husband told me he grew up in Solvang my reaction was, “People actually LIVE there?”
    We’ve lived here for 10 years now and it’s a great little community. Two weeks ago I met two children’s writers who live less than a mile from me! Amazing the things and people you find when you put yourself out there!


  7. I totally understand your reaction. I remember Solvang as being very fairy-tale like, a place to visit and enjoy, but not for people to actually live there. How cool that you connected with other writers :).


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