say hello to my leetle friend

Remember when I spotted this adorable fox kit in our woods back in May?

Here he is all grown up, napping and grooming himself in the back yard:

We call all the foxes, “Fuzzy,” admire their long black stockings, and continue to train each generation to recognize Len’s voice announcing their supper. This fellow has a penchant for puppy biscuits, baby back ribs, and smoked turkey, though a chicken carcass remains his absolute favorite.

Have a good weekend. Fuzzy wants you to have a nap. ☺


8 thoughts on “say hello to my leetle friend

  1. Fuzzy has the right idea, what with the napping…

    I now have a wee stretch of woods of my own (not as cool as yours, but..) and saw a Scottish wildcat (I think – need photographic evidence) stalking a bird in the backyard. It really is a wild animal, but looks like a super muscular housecat. It’s faster than any cat I’ve ever seen – planning on taking pictures, as I’ve seen him once before (but thought it was a dog or fox… this tells you something about the size.)


    1. Wow, only 400 left in the wild? You’re indeed privileged to be able to see one! It *does* look like a big housecat with a raccoonish tail. You’ve got quite the wild animal kingdom at your new digs.


  2. So beautiful! How can you get such great shots?? Are you that close or have a long lens? I assume Len is that close, offering food?



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