moose, moose, bear

When I received Hatley the Moose as a birthday gift two weeks ago, little did I realize what mischief would ensue.

He began leaving me little notes expressing his displeasure:

(click to enlarge)

Seems Hatley has an identical twin brother named Butler, who is a tad slimmer. Both were adopted by my 12-year-old niece Julia on a summer trip to Epcot Center. The Moose Brothers are decidedly Canadian, but with Indonesian flair.

Hatley (left), Butler (right)

Despite the lavish attention bestowed upon Cornelius the entire time he was in Hawai’i, he was jealous of Hatley from the start — doubly jealous when he realized there was not one, but TWO meddling mooses. So he decided to spy on them Thanksgiving Day. The rascal.

Beware meddling mooses!

If you’d like to see Cornelius the Villain (naughty, naughty boy) in action, please read, “The Missing Meal” at Julia’s brand new blog, Julia Talk. Herbivores will likely enjoy this tasty tale of stealth and surreptitious salad lightly seasoned with ursine silliness. Cornelius moonlighting? Boy, has he got a lot of explaining to do!

My only solace is that now the Moose Brothers are separated — one in Virginia, one in Hawai’i. That should keep Cornelius out of trouble, right? Right?


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6 thoughts on “moose, moose, bear

  1. Cornelius is my hero — I’m so distressed to hear he’s been misbehaving!

    Hatley is probably just fattening up for winter, so I don’t think he should worry about his weight. Have a cupcake, Hatley!


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