jacksgap: tea for two, or maybe three million

Who’s your fave — Finn or Jack?

You know, it’s that dang British accent that gets ’em every time.

Add boyish charm, a dash of cheek, a thirst for adventure, comedy sketches, travel documentaries, entrepreneurial genes, video production chops, a boatload of high octane go-for-the-gusto, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the YouTube vlogging sensation Jacksgap.


It also doesn’t hurt that the 20-year-old Harries twins are very easy on the eyes. The camera loves them, as do millions of teenage girls all over the world who just can’t get enough of their rickshaw-running, ball-bouncing, mail-opening, Maoam-chewing, bungee-jumping, unicycling shenanigans.

Jacksgap! Five minutes of your life that you won’t get back!

jacksgaplogoDial back to July 2011, when younger-by-two-minutes Jack decided to document his gap year by starting his own YouTube channel. He attracted a fair number of followers in the first 6 months, but it wasn’t until Finn joined the fun that things went viral.


Playing off each other as they’d always had paid off. These former child actors communicate with mucho charisma, meshing their individual skills and talents (Finn: graphic design; Jack: photography) with an eye towards maximizing their online presence via social media.

After a year of college, both decided to pursue vlogging full time, promising their parents that if they didn’t see measurable success within a year they would return to university. A couple of years later, they’re still vlogging — they amassed about a million new YouTube subscribers in the latter half of 2013 alone.

It’s just as entertaining to accompany them on their travels as it is to watch them open fan mail in their bedroom. I like that they do charity projects (recently raised $100,000+ for the Teenage Cancer Trust), do funny eating challenges, and curate interesting international video content.

Yeah, they started out cute.

Finn, Finn, the better twin!

Jack, Jack, the better chap!

It’s a pretty cool deal, when you can become famous just by being yourself.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look:

(“Twins” video that changed everything):

*   *   *

(Food Challenge):

*   *   *

(Trailer for their latest travel documentary):

*   *   *

So, have you picked a fave yet?

Finnegan Frayn Harries

BTW, it was my niece Julia who turned me onto Jacksgap (they’re just her cup of tea, especially Finn). Funny, she’s acquired a decidedly British accent as of late. 🙂

Milk or lemon? One twin or two?


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    1. Hmmmm, maybe you and Josie have vlogging in your future? I can see you doing a food challenge or two, or reviewing books while Josie acts out key scenes. 🙂 Or, hey! cooking videos! Yes!


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