fall frolicking

Fall would not be complete without a visit to our favorite pumpkin patch. You come too.

Folklore says witches turned people into pumpkins. These shoppers better be careful.
Sugar pumpkins make good pies!

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cornelius picks out a pumpkin


Why, hello.

I was just on my way to the Pumpkin Farm. The weather’s perfect today — warm and sunshine-y with deep blue skies and not a single cloud in sight. Wanna come along?

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the color orange

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Whenever my parents visit, they always ask to go to the pumpkin farm. It’s quite a novelty for them, and sheer delight for me. As far as I know, Hawai’i imports most of its pumpkins from the mainland. I don’t remember carving any during my childhood, and we certainly didn’t have fall festivals with hayrides, scarecrows or big piles of pumpkins for the taking.

So we kind of like hanging around all those orange globes, and marveling at the different sizes, shapes and pumpkin personalities. We’re equally gaga over gourds, squashes, Indian corn, and apple varieties. On a gorgeous autumn day, under a deep blue sky, what could be better?

Hope you’re also reveling in fall’s bounty!