friday feast: food, glorious food

“It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas.” ~ Charles Dickens

“Food, Glorious Food” is my personal anthem. I sense Lionel Bart was thinking of me when he composed it. Okay, probably not, but one can always dream. ☺

When I lived in London, I got to see “Oliver” in the West End.

Frontispiece illustration from Oliver Twist by George Cruikshank (1838)

Those were the days when you could get great tickets to a musical for only $15.00! I love love loved it when those ragamuffins sang, “Hot sausage and mustard!” I don’t know what it is about those four words. Till today, whenever I hear them, I want to hug myself. Just so very British. Definitely a good thing.

I’ll always remember the time we went on a class field trip to the Dickens House Museum on Doughty Street (his only surviving town residence, where he wrote Oliver Twist). I was teaching 9th and 10th graders, and a student teacher from Kentucky was working with me. We’d collected admission fees from the students ahead of time, but when we got to the museum, we almost didn’t get in — Miss J. thought I had brought the money, and I thought she had!

What to do? Hit up one of the students, of course. Peter (who reminded me of Augustus Gloop) had quite a bit of cash on him. Perhaps he’d robbed a bank on the way to school. After a little cajoling, he lent us enough for about 30 tickets. So, in a fortunate “twist” of events, two adults picked a kid’s pocket.

But back to my theme song. Sing along and sing it loud, with f-e-e-l-i-n-g!! I can’t wait to hear my favorite four words again!

Whether you have cold jelly and custard, pease pudding and saveloys, peaches and cream, a great big steak, or the glorious hot sausage and mustard, I wish you an uncommonly delicious holiday!

Just in case you were wondering, saveloys are bright red sausages, usually served with chips.

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17 thoughts on “friday feast: food, glorious food

  1. Love that song! And “Consider Yourself.” Great story about how you got in to the Dickens museum. Hope you have a scrumptious holiday!


  2. Oh I am so glad you wrote this post, Jama! I watched Oliver Twist recently and THOUGHT OF YOU when they sang Food Glorious Food! 🙂 What a great anthem, and what a great gal you are. Happy holidays to you and yours. (Off to make some ginger cookies… mmmmmmm)


    1. Tickled pink that you THOUGHT OF ME, Irene :D! I must rent “Oliver” and watch the whole thing again. You’ve convinced me to make some ginger cookies, too.


  3. I fell in love with this movie when it came out. I would have loved to see it in the West End. What a fun memory of picking your student’s pocket. Have a wonderful Christmas!


  4. can i just say that my favorite Oliver Twist joke is about food?

    Dickens, depressed, walks into a bar.
    “What’s the matter, Chuck?” the barkeep asks.
    “Oh, I’m having the devil of a time coming up with a good character name. Just give me a martini.”
    “Olive, or twist?”

    Okay, it’s tangentially about food, but still, I can’t think of Oliver Twist without thinking about that joke now. THAT’S the power of food and literature!


  5. Jama,

    I just wanted to stop by with Season’s Greetings! I hope you have some great food for the holidays. I know I haven’t been visiting or commenting as often as in the past. I’ve been spending much of my time taking care of my little granddaughter–as well as keeping an eye on my daughter’s cat–who is always trying to sneak out of her house–and her Yellow Lab Jack who is a rascal and is always eating things that he shouldn’t…like the baby’s bibs and stuffed animals AND pillows, blankets, napkins, shoes, the remote control for the TV! He’s truly a challenge. It’s a good thing he’s lovable.


    1. Dear Elaine, I’ve missed you for sure, but am happy that you’ve been enjoying such wonderful times with Julia Anna!! I remember Jack from some of your posts, but had no idea he was *that* mischievous! Please don’t say he eats teddy bears along with those other stuffed animals! And the remote control? Does he watch the Animal Planet? 😀


  6. What a wonderful, mouth-watering post. You just gave me an idea for a meal this week. My son & family will be here all week & I’m planning a big trip to the grocery today! I loved your story about the West End, & envy your experience! Best wishes to you for your own mouth-watering Christmas. And thank you for all things Dickens, especially at Christmas!


    1. Please tell me you’ll be serving your son’s family HOT SAUSAGE AND MUSTARD!!

      There, I said it again. ((hugs self))

      Wishing you the merriest of Dickensian Christmases, Linda!


  7. One more time, just for you: Food, glorious food!

    The counters are groaning with cookies and candies and snacks and treats. It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!


    1. Mmmmmmm, I want to visit your kitchen! I know you make special candy bags every year. Have a beautiful holiday, Mary Lee. Hope Santa is extra good to you this year :).


  8. Jama! We also had a Dickensian Gathering Readers Par-tey yesterday since we watched A Christmas Carol – which the kids absolutely adored. The boys were more terrified than the girls, how about that?! I love that you posted Oliver – one of my favorite musical too of all times (and my daughter too) – we haven’t seen this one live though. 15 dollars? That’s a steal nowadays. Enjoy your Holidays! Much warmth and cheer sent to you from across the miles.


    1. You have such great parties! That’s funny that the boys were more afraid than the girls. What fabulous memories you’re creating for those lucky kids. Sending much holiday magic right back to you. 🙂


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