a little bouquet of color for the winter weary

Had enough of bare trees, brown grass, and grey skies?

Enter the world of living color:

Flowers by Majlee
Rainbow Sandwich by D. Sharon Pruitt
Colorful Ice Creams by _poseidon_
Party Umbrellas by D. Sharon Pruitt
Pink Summer Cherry Love by D. Sharon Pruitt
Colorful Hats by anwarash ahmad
Rainbow Cake by Cypriotchick
Macarons by Julien Haler

Won’t be long now —

Ukranian Easter Eggs by tanya zivkovic

You’re a rainbow. Have a beautiful day!!


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23 thoughts on “a little bouquet of color for the winter weary

  1. Being a lover of all things ice cream, I will have to choose that pic as my favorite, but these are so beautiful, a rainbow of happiness. Thanks, Jama. We have lots of brown in Colorado always, but right now everything is still blanketed with the snow of a week ago. Looks like winter every day! Have a great day!


    1. Oh, a fellow ice cream lover πŸ™‚ ! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to taste every flavor? Perhaps you should go outside and make your own snow cones.


  2. Jama! I did not know what I needed this morning…until I clicked on your post. These colors have warmed me from the inside out! Many thanks – you’ve fed me again. South of Buffalo is pretty gray, but your colors are in my heart. a.


    1. I’m so glad this dose of color lifted your spirits. Things can get pretty cabin fever-y in mid February. Have a wonderful day, Amy!


  3. Thanks! Colour does have a huge effect on me (and on lots of other people, I’m sure.) We bought some red and yellow tulips to brighten up our home and our moods. It does work!


  4. Ooo, so pretty! “Pink summer cherry love” could be the title of a short story, I think. Thank you for these! Your post brightened my mood as soon as I saw it. πŸ™‚


  5. Wow! Where did you find all the glorious photos? I love the ice-cream and macaroon pictures. Curious: What’s on the sandwich? I never knew foods could have so much color!


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