creativiTEA: cecelia levy’s exquisite paper art

“The Chosen One”

Today’s spot of creativiTEA is brought to you by Swedish paper artist Cecelia Levy, who creates stunning three dimensional pieces with old book pages and glue, using a papier maché technique. Of her work, she says:

The choice of material is no coincidence. As a graphic designer and bookbinder, I have a strong interest in paper, typography, small details. Text and symbols are sometimes used as decoration, deliberately or randomly. The tactile experience is determined by the quality of the paper. I cherish the traces of the previous owners; dedications, notes, stains, and also the signs of time passing – discolorations, scratches, rust stains and holes after binding.

In my work I explore concepts such as time, memory, transience, traces, resistance and adaptability. Recycling and environmental aspects are important factors, but not the main purpose of my creations.

Isn’t it wonderful how she’s illuminating the personal histories of these old books by assigning them a new form? I like to think of her delicate and seemingly fragile paper cups and saucers as vessels for dreams.





“No Name”


“Odd One Out”



Spiderman Comic Cup (2011)



“Longing Coffee Pot”
“Longing” (2011)
“Longing cup and saucer”

For more of Cecelia’s lovely work, visit her website. She also makes beautiful bowls, plates, thistles, bird eggs, even boots!


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24 thoughts on “creativiTEA: cecelia levy’s exquisite paper art

  1. Very cool! “Odd One Out” and “Tulip” are my favorites. I would like to see her bird eggs — I’ll go check out her site.


  2. Sorry I missed this yesterday, Jama, so cool. Our art teacher does paper art, but collage. I’ll share these wonderful examples with her. All are exquisite, but I love that coffee pot! Thank you!


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