sara pulver’s quirky animals and pet people

Maira Kalman once said, “There’s a good reason to love dogs more than people because they don’t talk.”

I wholly agree, and would even go so far as to say that if dogs were in charge, the world would be a lot more fun. 

Sara with one of her larger paintings.

That seems to be Sara Pulver’s feeling too. In her colorful, offbeat paintings, animals and humans play a rollicking game of role reversal. Dogs and cats do very humanlike things with people as their pets.

A resident of upstate New York, Sara’s been creating paintings, collages, and custom animal portraits for several decades. She “relishes the world of animals and their relationships in a particularly quirky and sometimes even demented way.”

A doggy dentist? Why not? Dogs and cats having a seance? Yes, please. What about animals tucked in with their tiny human “pets” sleeping at the foot of the bed? Par for the course.

I imagine the animals who are lucky enough to view Sara’s paintings are saying, “Someone’s finally showing all the things we like to, or wish we could do, if only people would give us the chance!” 

The activities depicted are actually quite ordinary — watching TV, sharing a meal, doing the laundry, sitting around a campfire. Perhaps we humans take these things for granted. Not Sara’s animals. They seem to be enjoying every single minute.

It’s fabulous fun studying all the tiny details in Sara’s scenes. There are a lot of smiling faces, and I especially like the toothy grins. Something very ‘cheshire cat’ about them. 

I also like how the big animals seem to be very loving with their human pets as they cuddle them close. 

Since Sara’s Etsy Shop is called, “3 Crows,” it makes sense that she’s created a particularly amusing series of paintings featuring the inseparable “Cat ‘n Crow.” She describes them as an “odd pair” who are ageless and genderless. They also have a pet man named “Bob.” 🙂

We see Crow burning dinner, Crow pinching Cat’s butt while Cat’s washing dishes, and Cat and Crow grocery shopping. There’s even one of Crow getting jealous when Cat flirts with a cardinal at a bar. What will they do next?

Though the focus seems to be on dogs and cats, I also spotted the odd fox, rabbit, moose, bear, and pig. There’s even a llama. How can you not smile at this?

Sara also specializes in custom pet portraits. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your pet or pet family in a cheeky scenario? 

I especially like her tribute to the Obamas’ dog Bo, and this other scruffy fellow holding a piece of pie and a donut.

In addition to original paintings, cards, prints, and ACEOs (Art Trading Cards), you can also find handpainted signs, flower pots, collage books and handmade mini plush creatures and toys at Sara’s Etsy Shop. As her Twitter account says, “Can’t. Stop. Making. Things. Send. Chocolate.” 🙂

Mini paintings are about 2.5″ x 3.5″

For even more , follow Sara at her Facebook Page, “Sara Pulver’s Artworks.”

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  1. Oh, my gosh…Jama thank you for sharing this artist. I giggled and pinned to pinterest my way through this post. You are the best for keeping us in touch with art.

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  2. So busy I missed this yesterday, Jama. Darling pictures are a delight to see. Sara Pulver’s imagination knows no bounds with her dogs! Thanks for another discover! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving with so many good tastes!

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