Indie Artist Spotlight: Rommy Kuperus of RommydeBommy

When it comes to Rommy Kuperus’s foodie fashion accessories, you can have your cake and wear it too.

Totally calorie free, her fanciful, over-the-top creations break all the rules, definitely turn heads, and are just too much fun.

Fancy a candy roll purse, a waffle clutch, a fried egg brooch? No need to cry over spilled coffee when you can wear a matching coffee bean necklace.

Did you know it’s totally de rigueur to accessorize with baked goods? How do you think baguette got its name?

And poor pasta, always getting such a bad carbo-rap. Why not stash all your guilt in Rommy’s farfalle bow clutch?

While you’re at it, deck out your male friends in babelicious bow ties. Is there anything cooler?

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cool book purses!

Recently spotted these on Etsy and couldn’t resist sharing.

Michelle of Chick-Lit Designs specializes in designer book purses, clutches, eReader and iPad/tablet covers. If the book is large enough, the handbag will include a pocket for your eReader.

Little Women Book Purse Handbag
Interior includes eReader pocket
Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch
Book Clutch interior
Children’s Book of Virtues iPad/tablet cover
iPad/tablet cover interior
Frog and Toad eReader cover
eReader cover interior

Aren’t they fun? A great novelty gift that blends the old with the new. If you don’t see a book that you like at her shop, she will try to find the perfect book. Or, if you already have a book that you would like converted into a purse or cover, place a custom order.

In case you’re worried about the book pages, Michelle donates them fully intact to a local refugee center. You also have the option of having her re-bind them in matching fabric. Nice gift set idea for your special bookish friends. ☺

Click here to read more about Michelle, who was a recent Featured Seller at Etsy.

Click here to visit Chick-Lit Designs. She also has another shop featuring wonderful vintage items, Yesterday and Today.


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zero calorie macarons and smarties, or, why i need to move to paris

It is well established that Paris has the best pastry.

*kisses fingertips*

Not too long ago, I rhapsodized about the mighty macaron, a wonder of airy-crisp almond flour, egg whites, sugar and buttercream. Très delicieux!

It is good reason, along with a fortifying pain au chocolat or sweet crêpe, to flee the States and embrace the Seine.

Macaron Petit Sac

Until that happens, I can always get my French fix by visiting Bonjour Mon Coussin, where luscious food images adorn pillows, purses, scarfs, pencil cases, aprons, mugs and jewelry.

Porte monnaie-Smarties
Foulard Carré Hot Choc

These oh-so-fetching, eye-popping products are created by Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and graphic artist from Bordeaux, who are inspired by vintage postcards and advertisements as well as objects found in their own modern world.

Of course their designs encompass more than food —  I LOVE this book bag:

Sac V. Books

and these earrings,

Boucles d'oreille Lapin

and this pillow,

but I always come back to things like this (cutest pencil case ever):

Tr. école Fraises

I love the whole retro-pop/vintage/Parisian vibe. Anyone have a few Euros to spare?

♥ Feast your eyes on more goodness at their website.


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