friday feast: pudding’s turn

Cheerio! Pudding here. 

Jama is busy writing a story napping. She said I could make a post of my very own.

I like the letter P. It stands for Pudding, and Poetry, and — PICNIC! Pip pip! Would you like to come?

(It’s okay if you’re not furry. A little peach fuzz will do.)

I’m sharing my fave song today (music by John Walter Bratton, lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy). Teddies everywhere love it.

bear mosaic from cheryl-ann’s photostream.

It inspires them to rush to the kitchen,

from ichabodhides’ photostream.

whip up some berrylicious treats,

from faeryboots’ photostream.

illo from erin taylor’s photostream.

and hang by their ears?!

photo by EmoPrincess.

(No no no! Do not pay any attention to him.)

To make sure they don’t get lost, they carefully study detailed maps.

from erin taylor’s photostream.

They often meet others en route,

Molly Brett

sometimes stop to visit relatives,

photo by tim ellis.

and sneak off to gamble and drink gin.

photo by halifaxlight — mostlyoffline

STOP IT! (Who’s messing with my keyboard?)

I need some chocolate or I’ll never make it to the end of this post (help yourself).

photo by petra jane.

When it comes to picnics, bears are the paws down best. They know how to pick the perfect sunny day,


call in bad ass musicians (Hey, watch your language!)

photo by ©_AL_D90_©.

amuse themselves with daredevil tricks,

photo by julesactionpic.

and indulge in boot fetishes.

photo by endless beauty.

Sheesh! This post is really going to the dogs. (Someone, call security!)

Listen, the song’s starting:


If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

(Listen to the whole song and see more of our friends here.)

Did you like it? More refreshments, then.

How about a honey bear cookie?

photo by kiriel.

Relax and enjoy the rest of the picnic!!

photo by wonderwizzy.

photo by Casper and Melody.

While I worked hard on this post, this is what Jama did:

photo by louisetucker15.

Oh well, thanks for coming, and don’t forget to picnic at all the other poetry stops today. You can find the complete buffet menu over at A Year of Reading. Please give this to Mary Lee when you see her:

photo by Sunshine Hanan.

Hey, do I look good in macro?

Hope you had fun. Ta!

photo by ichabodhides.

♥ Unbearably charming post compliments of Mr. Pudding, who wishes you a faboo weekend and wants you to have this:


36 thoughts on “friday feast: pudding’s turn

  1. from Laura @AuthorAmok

    Hi, Jama. Those chocolate bears look sooo good.

    My mother used to sing this to us. My kids had a book and song on tape (are my kids that old?) by Jerry Garcia. One of the bears in the book was a Jerry-bear. Very cute.

    Thanks for the fun post! Laura


  2. From Bob Dylan

    Hey Pudding, you’re the sweetest bear I ever did meet. You sent my heart and my bootheels a wanderin’…. here’s a protest song for YOU!

    Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

    I saw it advertised one day,
    Bear Mountain picnic was comin’ my way.
    “Come along ‘n’ take a trip,
    We’ll bring you up there on a ship.
    Bring the wife and kids
    Bring the whole family.”

    Well, I run right down ‘n’ bought a ticket
    To this Bear Mountain Picnic.
    But little did I realize
    I was in for a picnic surprise.
    Had nothin’ to do with mountains.
    I didn’t even come close to a bear.

    Took the wife ‘n’ kids down to the pier,
    Six thousand people there,
    Everybody had ticket for the trip.
    “Oh well.” I said, “it’s a pretty big ship.
    Besides, anyway, the more the merrier.”

    Well, we all got on ‘n’ what d’ya think,
    That big old boat started t’ sink
    More people kept a-pilin’ on,
    That old ship was a-slowly goin’ down.
    Funny way t’ start a picnic.

    Well, I soon lost track of m’ kids ‘n’ wife,
    So many people there I never saw in m’ life
    That old ship sinkin’ down in the water,
    Six thousand people tryin’ t’ kill each other,
    Dogs a-barkin’, cats a-meowin’,
    Women screamin’, fists a-flyin’, babies cryin’,
    Cops a-comin’, me a-runnin’.
    Maybe we just better call off the picnic.

    I got shoved down ‘n’ pushed around,
    All I could hear there was a screamin’ sound,
    Don’t remember one thing more,
    Just remember walkin’ up on a little shore,
    Head busted, stomach cracked,
    Feet splintered, I was bald, naked. . .
    Quite lucky to be alive though.

    Feelin’ like I climbed outa m’ casket,
    I grabbed back hold of m’ picnic basket.
    Took the wife ‘n’ kids ‘n’ started home,
    Wishin’ I’d never got up that morn.

    Now, I don’t care just what you do,
    If you wanta have a picnic, that’s up t’ you.
    But don’t tell me about it, I don’t wanta hear it,
    ‘Cause, see, I just lost all m’ picnic spirit.
    Stay in m’ kitchen, have m’ own picnic. . .
    In the bathroom.

    Now, it don’t seem to me quite so funny
    What some people are gonna do f’r money.
    There’s a bran’ new gimmick every day
    Just t’ take somebody’s money away.
    I think we oughta take some o’ these people
    And put ’em on a boat, send ’em up to Bear Mountain . . .
    For a picnic.


  3. This is way too much fun! I love this photos, the wonderful reminder of Teddy Bear’s Picnic (must get for the grandgirls!). Thanks so much.


  4. Re: From Bob Dylan

    Thanks, Bob! This is the bestest picnic ditty ever, and now this is the coolest picnic ever cuz you came! My naughty friends have put down their gin, and are filling their glasses with Jack Daniels to toast you!


  5. Re: From Bob Dylan

    Dear Pudding,
    Pass that Jack Daniels over to my pal, slatts. I’m far away on tour. And besides, he looks thirsty.

    Your friend,


  6. Very much so!! She has a particular fondness for Steiff…
    Dan’s dad is dying, so you may not hear from her for awhile– she’s over there pretty much all the time.:o(

    Still– I just think you two would really enjoy each other! I sent her the link to this entry because I think it would really brighten her day!


  7. Hi Jama, I also collect teddy bears so these pictures were a real treat. These are some busy bears! Bears just wanna have fun! What a great post!


  8. YAY for poetry and pudding and picnics. I’ll add one more favorite “P” word: pizza–especially as homemade by my husband.

    Hooray for teddy bears too! You have a great weekend. It’s still raining here. Ugh.


  9. Yum on the homemade pizza! Can’t believe how much rain you New Englanders have been getting. You’ll just have to enjoy an indoor picnic. Bring on the pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and mozarella!


  10. Teddy Bear’s Picnic

    Hi Mr. Pudding,
    Just back from Maine and wow… I love the bears. My father bought me a Rosemary Clooney album years ago and “Teddy Bear Picnic” was my favorite song. I know others have sung it, but I can still hear Rosemary Clooney’s version in my head.

    Maine was great and full of inspiration as always.


  11. I’ve got a version of Jerry Garcia singing this on a children’s CD from him and David Grisman. LOVE. IT.



  12. Re: Teddy Bear’s Picnic

    Hello Ms. Eek,

    Glad you had a nice time in Maine. I haven’t heard the Rosemary Clooney version, but I do like the Anne Murray version. Guess it’s such a great song everybody’s covered it! Thanks for coming to the picnic :)!


  13. I love your teddy bear posts Mr. Pudding! I was admiring my own teddy bear family this week & finding much comfort & joy. Thanks for this breakfast picnic today!


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