good morning?

Sleepy Cornelius


Wake up! Wake Up!

Don’t want to.

But if you had some tea?


by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

It is the bleakest of
as I crawl from my bed,
red-eyed, rumpled, and
decidedly unrefreshed.
My right hip seems not to
be working,
my left shoulder has a
already a sinus headache
is brewing
and, oh, Lord! — look at
my hair!
Limping, snuffling,
creaking, moaning,
I make my way toward
the kitchen . . .
grope about in the dark
for the kettle,
grope about in the dark
for the tea tin,
turn on the stove, feel my
spirits rise up
as I reach for a cup in
needy anticipation.
Thank you, God, for the
glorious gift of Earl Grey.

~ from She of the Rib: Women Unwrapped (CRM Books, 2006)



by Miguel Vallinas


Sound familiar? I think Ms. Ferrer must be spying on me or reading my mail or something. How did she describe me and my morning routine so well?

What’s that? Yours too?

I guess we’re all in this together. Have you noticed that with age it gets harder and harder to get up and going? Oh the grogginess and slowness! Oh the struggle to move!

Not that I was ever one to bounce out of bed, kick up my heels, and burst into song or anything. But man! It’s become quite a challenge lately.


by Lissy Elle Laricchia


I’ve never been a morning person (no phone calls before noon, please!). One of my college roommates even called me Grumpy. I think ‘Silent and Contemplative’ would have been more accurate. Some of us simply prefer to greet each new day with a modicum of gentleness. 🙂

In any case, this poem made me smile in recognition — a welcome bit of levity in these dark times. BTW, did you know Jayne Jaudon Ferrer is the one who launched Your Daily Poem back in 2009? If you’re a subscriber, you probably already knew that. Well, I just found out after many years of enjoying the site. See what I mean about being slow to wake up?





Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for JOEY: The Story of Joe Biden a few weeks ago. Things are getting exciting (and nerve wracking), now that the election is just a few days away.

After several cups of Earl Grey, Mr Cornelius (who isn’t a morning person either), picked the winner, who is:



🎉 WOO HOO! 🎉

We know you’ll enjoy the book!

And thanks again, everyone, for your comments and enthusiasm. 🙂


La la la la Lovely Linda is hosting the Roundup at TeacherDance. Waltz on over to check out the full menu of poetic goodness being served up around the blogosphere this week. Stay safe, be well, wear your mask, and VOTE (no more malarkey)!



All set now and ready to go!

What’s your morning high octane drink: coffee or tea?


from “Camellia and the Rabbit,” by Petra Storrs and Becky Palmer


*Copyright © 2020 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.


60 thoughts on “good morning?

  1. I’m right there with you and Cornelius, Jama! I’m not a morning person…and I’m not a Night Owl either. I like to think of myself as a Middle of the Day person. 😉 But I do enjoy me a cuppa tea and/or a cuppa Joe (multiple levels on that one) on any given morning.
    With the lines:
    “and, oh, Lord! — look at
    my hair!” – I think Ferrer has been peeking in my windows!
    Thanks for the smiles. 🙂


  2. “No more malarkey” is right, Jama! I liked the intimate tone of JJF’s poem. “Needy anticipation” indeed! And I just love “Camellia and the Rabbit.”


  3. For me it’s coffee, but this post really made me laugh because JUST YESTERDAY I was thinking, “Do I love my coffee more than I used to? Why is it so so so good? Why do I need it so badly?” And the answer isn’t caffeine, it’s the warmth and the smell and the flavor and the ritual and, oh, Jama, I feel you….


    1. Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I do like the smell of freshly brewed coffee — it certainly does have a wonderful warmth and coziness about it. And yes, rituals are so comforting, especially these days.


  4. I fumble around, too, Jama, but to flip the switch on my coffee maker. Hot tea for me comes on freezing winter afternoons. Each morning I also think to myself, “Oh yes, THAT is happening! Wishing so hard that it wasn’t so!” I subscribe to the Daily Poem & just received a message that her internet/electricity is out, so we should stay tuned! I am full of “needy anticipation” for a long, long list, including that morning drink! Best wishes to you & to us all!


    1. Yes, I got that message too from Jayne. Hope she’s back online as usual tomorrow, as I missed her poem today. I experience similar feelings when I wake up. I don’t get much sleep these days, can’t turn my mind off at night with all the stuff swirling around in my head.

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  5. Thanks for the poem, images-wonderful and funny, the animals feasting, lots of smiles from me. I’m not a morning person, but do like teaching in the mornings cause by afternoon, after lunch I’m a tad bit sleepy–than I wake up again at night… Alas I drink hot water (from a kettle) in the morning, can’t have caffeine, wish I could. Sometimes herbal teas. Thanks for waking me up so gingerly–happy to fit in your post before my morning students arrive online!


    1. That’s interesting that you don’t mind teaching in the morning (not me). I once had to teach a 7:30 a.m. class and didn’t like it (I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to get to campus on time). Too early!

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  6. I definitely see myself in that clever poem. And to think I used to be one of those who jumped out of bed ready to go in the morning. Loved the Joe and Kamala figure. Lovely and amusing post.


    1. Glad you could identify with this poem too. I was never one to jump out of bed, ready to go — even when I was younger and had more energy. My mom used to tease me (because she was a morning person) — I was even born 2 weeks late. Didn’t want to budge. 😀


  7. This was SO delightful! Thank you!

    I sometimes drink coffee (a sexy latte), but mostly tea and I have a special morning ritual looking much like what this poem lays out…. ;0) During this covid time my daughter and I started an afternoon tea ritual, as well. I can’t wait for her to get home from college at Thanksgiving so I have company for that again!

    I hope you and yours are well….

    Melanie P.S. Do you know about And her book Infused?



  8. All hail the tea crew! I am trying to delay ’til November (whyyyyy, I ask myself? some bizarre ritual of self-denial?) getting out my forty cup tea urn, but it’s nippy in the mornings, and The Day Is Approaching… I love this bloodshot-eyed, bed-head, rumpled, pre-caffeinated grimace of a poem. It’s not the caffeine for me, it’s the hot liquid, but I’m here for it all!


  9. Ha! I love these tea portraits. The strainers as breast plates made me laugh out loud literally. I’m a coffee hound. But, since I drink so much it’s taken a bit out of me and I need to let up. So, I’ve added herbal tea to my day and it’s been great! Occasionally, I’ll have some Earl Grey. I’m warming up to it. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.


    1. I don’t know why I never acquired the coffee habit. Never drank an entire cup in my life! Maybe it’s because I’m drawn to the whole tea ritual.


  10. I’m an Earl Grey kind of guy Jama. My parents were committed tea drinkers to the extent that whenever someone asked, ‘What’s the time?’ my parents would invariably answer, ‘Time for a cup of tea.’ Jayne Jaudon Ferrer’s poem certainly resonates with me. You might also enjoy, Peter Dixon’s poem ‘I’d Like To Be A Teabag.’


  11. I love my morning cup of tea! And as always, reading your post is refreshing as a cup of tea! As the mornings grow colder, it’s harder for me to get out of bed–although I’ve always liked slow mornings. I’ve thought about putting an electric kettle next to my bed so I can make tea without getting up–but somehow it doesn’t seem like a really good idea. I might never get out of bed!


  12. “Oh the struggle to move!” I feel that feeling also, Jama. I am glad that someone else feels the wear and tear of years of motion. The poem is a wonderful one to pair with this time of the year. Eagerly awaiting the election. I am hoping for a new turnover to peaceful times. Thanks for the sip of tea.


    1. Yes, we’re all on edge about the election. Good to know you can identify with the “struggle to move.” It can get frustrating when your mind is ready to go but your body says, not so fast . . .

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  13. Oh my goodness, I so love all of this – and you! And Mr. Don’t-Wake-Me-til-Aboslutely-Necessary Cornelius. Do you know I think of you SO many times, when I make tea?
    This week I’ve been making a switch from my beloved coffee in the mornings (sigh) to TEA, just to be a bit healthier. Part of a diet overhaul, and I’m facing the music that I don’t need so much coffee-level caffeine as I traipse through the years. I’ve just discovered roasted dandelion root tea from Traditional Medicinals – with a touch of 1/2 &1/2 or almond milk creamer in it, even – and it is quite yummy! And tres good for you, too.
    Cheers! – And, Go Blue!


    1. So nice to be thought of when you make tea. 🙂 Coffee has health benefits too, so I hear. I like Traditional Medicinals ginger tea; haven’t tried the dandelion root yet. Mr Cornelius is napping, even as we speak — and it’s just after 2 p.m. He claims he needs adequate rest so his face will be camera ready on a moment’s notice.


  14. Yes, her morning sounds a lot like mine. I’m trying to drink more water, but my caffeine vice is diet Coke. I know it’s terrible for me, but I enjoy it. Love the poem and your Biden/Harris figures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ack, just went back and read others’ comments and see that I was not the first to make that (totally expected) “to a TEA” pun. Serves me right for being so late to the breakfast party. BTW, I am in awe of how good you are at finding interesting artwork for all your posts. Care to divulge if you have favorite go-to sites? (Other than Mr. C’s personal photography studio, of course.)


      1. Thanks for coming to the breakfast parTEA. Late comers always welcome! Sometimes finding the right art takes longer than writing the posts. I do a lot of random googling to see what comes up. Pinterest has also been a big help. Other than that, no particular photo/image sites. Thanks for asking. 🙂


  15. Hi, Jama. I’m with you — only strong British tea will do. In the morning and sometimes in the afternoon also. The poem’s mention of messy morning hair made me nod my head. I’ve only braved the scissors once during the pandemic. Messy, long, pandemic hair.


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