HotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Charles Ghigna and Lee Bennett Hopkins

Double your oven mitts, double your fun! (A natty flame-proof suit wouldn’t hurt either.)

Charles Ghigna (“Father Goose”) is an award winning poet, author, speaker and nationally syndicated feature writer.
Tea time in his Alabama tree-house (photos by Debra Ghigna).

☕ Cuppa of Choice: “I love tea! I drink a cup of hot green tea nearly every day. One of my favorites is Uncle Lee’s 100% Organic Green Tea. I brew two tea bags in a cup of hot water and sometimes add a squeeze of lemon. I also love to play Tea Party on the porch with our four-year-old granddaughter, Charlotte Rose. She always makes sure I hold up my pinkie just right.” 😉

☕ Hot Off the Press: Springtime Weather Wonders Series (Hail to Spring!, Raindrops Fall All Around, Sunshine Brightens Springtime, A Windy Day in Spring (Picture Window Books, 2015).

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☕ ☕ ☕ Lovely poem Charles wrote for his wife (his favorite HotTEA):



for Debra

Like tea bag paper,
gauzy and thin,
we steep in the dark
letting love in.

The longer we steep,
the stronger the brew;
tea party perfect,
in love with you.

~ copyright © Charles Ghigna. All rights reserved.


*   *   *

Lee Bennett Hopkins is an award winning author, poet, editor, anthologist and the recipient of the Christopher Award and the University of Southern Mississippi’s Medallion for “lasting contributions to children’s literature.”
Tea Time at home in Cape Coral, Florida (photos by C. Egita).

☕ Cuppa of Choice: “Tea, a drink I adore . . . I like varied teas, but particularly Twinings of London Ceylon Orange Pekoe.”

☕ Hot Off the Press: Lullaby and Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love with Your Baby, illustrated by Alyssa Nassner (Abrams, 2015). 

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14 thoughts on “HotTEAs of Children’s Poetry: Charles Ghigna and Lee Bennett Hopkins

  1. Darn it, Mr. Ghinga, you got something… in my eye…
    That is just LOVELY. Also, I just got a new box of Black Forest tea from Stash… going to pour a cuppa.

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  2. I want to sparkle and flash like Lee Bennett Hopkins when I’m that…seasoned. Guess I should start drinking my tea from a bigger cup!!! (And get a gold lamé jacket!)

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  3. Oh, my – these are definitely two HOT-TEAS in our corner of the world! I’m fanning myself. So glad they both find inspiration in a good cup of strong tea to fuel their wonderful work…. which is full of sparkle and flash all by itself. :0)


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