2021 Poetry Friday Archive

  1. “In Rhapsodic Praise of Biscuits” by Joan Leotta

2. “Still Delighting in Snow” by Richard Greene

3. “The Blue Room” by Brian Doyle

4. “The Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire” by Sarah Kay

5. Two poems by Pat Schneider

6. “My Heart Cannot Accept it All” by Susan Kinsolving and “How Will This Pandemic Affect Poetry” by Julia Alvarez

7. “Yellow Butterflies Bring Happiness” by Sharon Lusk Munson

8. “Thesaurus” by Billy Collins

9. “9.” by E.E. Cummings and “Sonnet 12” by William Shakespeare

10. “Waters of March” by Tom Jobim

11. KIYOSHI’S WALK by Mark Karlins and Nicole Wong

12. “The Words of Poems” by Carol Ann Duffy + Poetry Friday Roundup

13. Three poems from MARROW OF SUMMER by Andrea Potos

14. Three poems from Make Me Rain by Nikki Giovanni

15. DELICIOUS!: Poems Celebrating Street Food Around the World by Julie Larios and Julie Paschkis

16. IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY by Rachel Piercey and Freya Hartas

17. Celebrating the Marvelous Mary Lee with two of her cake abecedarians

18. THE ABCs OF BLACK HISTORY by Rio Cortez and Lauren Semmer

19. “Permanently” by Kenneth Koch

20. “The Blue Garden” by Helen Dunmore

21. “Danny Boy”/A Song for Father’s Day

22. Mary Oliver dog poems

23. HOW TO HELP A PUMPKIN GROW by Ashley Wolff

24. Three Coffee Poems + Coffee Art

25. HARD-BOILED BUGS FOR BREAKFAST: And Other Tasty Poems by Jack Prelutsky and Ruth Chan

26. FOR EVERY LITTLE THING, edited by June Cotner and Nancy Tupper Ling, illustrated by Helen Cann

27. “Pomology” by Kim Roberts

28. “Kid, This is October” by Jeffrey Bean

29. “The Letter A” by Darren Sardelli

30. “Steps” by Frank O’Hara

31. WE LOVE PIZZA by Elenia Beretta

32. “Why I Changed My Name” by Phyllis Wax

33. “Soup Allure” by Nancy Dymond

34. DUMPLING DAY by Meera Sriram and Inés de Antuñano

35. “Bounty” by Robyn Sarah

36. Outlander Celebration: “Porridge” by Spike Milligan, “The Yule Days,” and “A Song for Kilts” by Robert Service

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7 thoughts on “2021 Poetry Friday Archive

  1. Fantastic blog year Jama, many thanks for all—art images, poems, delectables, and choreographed frolicking amongst the bears and their visitors! I’m looking forward to revisiting a few, which I did already with Frank O’Hara… “and love you so much” for sharing it with us again for somehow, thankfully and gratefully all of us here “we’re alive” xox ^_^ P.S. Miss you, hope you’re reemerging soon…

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  2. Ran out of time yesterday, Jama. This is special to see all the posts, & remember! You brought us lots to love last year and we needed it! Thank you!


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