2010 poetry friday archive

1. Elvis Presley 75th birthday tribute.

2 .“Song to Onions,” by Roy Blount, Jr.

3. “The Activist,” by J. Patrick Lewis

4. “The Ivy Green,” by Charles Dickens.

5. “Where Everything is Music,” by Rumi.

6. “The Cook” and “The Suitor,” by Linda Ashman (from Come to the Castle).

7. “The the Impotence of Proofreading” by Taylor Mali.

8. “A Poem for Will, Baking,” by Susan Rich.

9 .“Oak,” “Leaves,” and “Coconut Palm” by Douglas Florian.

10. “Something on a Tray” by Noel Coward.

11. “A Line-storm Song” by Robert Frost.

12. April 2010 Poetry Potluck Intro.

13. “Domingo” by Julie Larios.

14. “Chanterelle” by Susan Rich.

15. “French Toast” by Douglas Florian.

16. “Maybe” by Joyce Sidman.

17. “Ode to Chocolate Fondue” by Greg Pincus.

18. “Poet Tea” by Debra Ghigna + Poetry Friday Roundup.

19. “The Love-Hat Relationship” by Aaron Belz, “A List of Famous Hats” by James Tate.

20. “Kitchen Fable” by Eleanor Ross Taylor.

21. “For No One” by Paul McCartney

22. “The Veggie Life” by Michael Steffen.

23. “Silver-Lined Heart” by Taylor Mali.

24. “Bleezer’s Ice Cream” by Jack Prelutsky.

25. “Word Tasting” by Sarah Wardle.

26. “Blueberry” by Diane Lockward.

27. “What the Culinary Arts Teacher Knows about Grace” by Sam Green.

28. “Attack of the Squash People” by Marge Piercy.

29. “Chocolate,” by Louis Simpson.

30. “Patty’s Charcoal Drive-in” by Barbara Crooker.

31. “I Bought a Pet Banana” by Kenn Nesbitt.

32. “William Carlos Williams’s Pizza” and “Robert Frost’s Boxer Shorts,” by J. Patrick Lewis.

33. “Imagine,” by John Lennon.

34. “To Kalakaua” and “To Kaiulani” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

35 .“Fog” by Carl Sandburg and “The Poem Cat” by Erica Jong.

36. “Eating Together” by Kim Addonizio.

37. “Guess I’m Doing Fine,” by Bob Dylan.

38. “River” by Joni Mitchell.

39. “What Everybody Wants for Christmas” by J. Patrick Lewis + Poetry Friday Roundup.

40. “Man Gave Names to All the Animals” by Bob Dylan and Jim Arnosky

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